November 11, 2004

Wireless feature: For Your Eyes Only

As published in Mobile PC:
"The next time you visit your local coffeehouse and blithely surf the Web over its public Wi-Fi connection, consider this: Every website you browse, every unencrypted form you submit, and every e-mail you send is fair game for the hacker sipping a double mocha at the table next to you. Using network “sniffi ng” programs that are easily found on the Web, Wi-Fi snoopers can track your every move through cyberspace. They might even lift a password or two, giving them unfettered access to your amorous e-mail correspondence with Trudy the Zamboni driver and exposing your membership in the Hair Club for Men. Pretty scary, right? But don’t pack up your gear and head home just yet. There are plenty of online services and software available that can cloak your surfi ng and your messages with state-of-the-art encryption that even the wiliest of hackers can’t crack."
Used with permission from Future Network USA. Copyright 2004.

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