June 09, 2005

Home audio review: Roxio The Boom Box

As published on CNET.com:
"Roxio's affordable The Boom Box suite comes packed with tools that will thrill iTunes newcomers and digital audio newbies in general. There's nothing in this reasonably priced $50 suite that experienced Mac buffs haven't seen before, but those curious about yet intimidated by the prospect of copying their vinyl and cassettes to MP3, improving their shuffles, or dipping into the white-hot world of podcasting will get a kick out of The Boom Box's quintet of easy-to-use utilities. That said, audiophiles looking for advanced features will be better served by meatier standalone tools, and Roxio's anemic support options will rankle users in need of help. "
Used with permission from CNET Networks, Inc. Copyright 2005.

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