July 21, 2005

Media player review: Cowon iAudio X5

As published on CNET.com:
"Take one look at the Cowon iAudio X5's feature list and you might peg it as an iPod killer. On paper, the 30GB, iPod-size X5 ($350; also available at 20GB for $300) has everything that Apple's ice-white wonder does--including music playback, a photo viewer, and on-the-fly playlists--then it piles on video playback, an FM radio, voice and line-in recording, and even the ability to read and save images directly from a digital camera without an adapter. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, the X5 suffers from poor music browsing, some odd design choices, and a half-baked photo viewer"
Used with permission from CNET Networks, Inc. Copyright 2005.

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