September 21, 2005

Home video review: Philips DVDR600VR

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"Philips's latest DVD/VHS recorder proves that you can't judge an A/V component by its cover. This deck's slick, mirrored faceplate and silver accents bring a certain amount of style to the homely ranks of VHS decks for the first time in years, but we found plenty of ugliness under its surface. Plagued by arcane, tough-to-understand menus, a mediocre feature set, and some of the poorest-quality VHS-to-DVD dubs we've seen, the underwhelming Philips DVDR600VR falls well short of the competition. Yes, it has a component-video input and decent DVD-editing options, and it costs about the same as competing decks. But unless you absolutely must record a component-video source or you really like the look, we recommend choosing another option."
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