October 05, 2005

PVP review: Archos Gmini 402

As published on CNET.com:
"Archos makes a great personal video player (PVP) even better with the Gmini 402, an impressive update--if not a wholesale revision--to last year's top-notch Gmini400. Just like its predecessor, the 402 ($330) packs in plenty of features, such as video and MP3/WMA playback, photo storage and image viewing, voice and in-line recording, and gaming via the popular Mophun engine. But this time, we also get support for Windows Media Player syncing, including DRM-protected music and video. However, the 402 isn't without its problems: It's saddled with poor viewing angles on its otherwise gorgeous 2.2-inch LCD, so-so battery life, less-than-stellar volume, and lack of direct video recording, but considering the Gmini is nearly small enough to fit in a jeans pocket, we're still duly impressed."
Used with permission from CNET Networks, Inc. Copyright 2005.

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