November 03, 2005

Wireless review: Kyocera Slider Sonic

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"Virgin Mobile puts a multimedia spin on its phone lineup with the sleek but ultimately disappointing Kyocera Slider Sonic. Armed with a VGA camera, a video recorder, an above-average music player, and a 32MB TransFlash card, the lightweight Slider Sonic--easily Virgin's most powerful handset to date--gets off to a strong start but stumbles with its subpar photo resolution, lack of Bluetooth connectivity, crippled TransFlash and USB features, and stiff sliding action. Virgin Mobile customers who crave music on their phones might enjoy the Slider Sonic, but pay-as-you-go chatters who want a cutting-edge multimedia phone might be better off jumping to a powerhouse such as ESPN Mobile's upcoming EV-DO-enabled Sanyo MVP. It's also costly as Virgin Mobile phones go, with a price tag of $249."
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