December 01, 2005

Home video review: Sony RDR-HX715

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"Sony's RDR-HX715 has more features than any competing hard disk/DVD recorder to date, although it's still missing a couple of our favorites. In addition to its 160GB hard drive, quad-format DVD deck (which burns dual-layer DVD+R discs) and TV Guide onscreen programming guide, the RDR-HX715 is one of the first of its kind with an all-digital HDMI output, which upscales standard-definition video and DVDs to 720p or 1080i resolutions. It's a mouthwatering package but not without its drawbacks: the TV Guide EPG service, while free, doesn't work with all cable carriers, and the deck's HDMI jack is more of a convenience than a performance enhancer. Finally, the $700 price tag seems awfully steep considering what you get. "
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