February 02, 2006

Home audio review: Think Outside Boomtube H2O1

As published on CNET.com:
"If Think Outside's Boomtube H2O1 looks familiar, you may have been paying attention when Virgin Electronics was still around: The H2O1 is actually the acquired version of the Boomtube EX. Think Outside purchased the design when Virgin Electronics was dissolved, and that design is enticing indeed. Your musically inclined buddies will drool when you set up the silver, eye-catching Boomtube, but their faces might fall as their ears strain for the promised heart-stopping bass. A thick, heavy metal tube with remote speakers that unscrew from either end, the 'Tube is certainly unique; unfortunately, we could have done with a bit more boom, a cleaner cable setup, and a discount on the steep $200 price tag."
Used with permission from CNET Networks, Inc. Copyright 2006.

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