February 09, 2006

Personal video review: Archos Gmini 402 Camcorder

As published on CNET.com:
"We gave the original Archos Gmini 402 high marks, but now that this updated model packs a VGA camcorder and a 1.3-megapixel still camera, we're even more impressed. (For more on this impressive line, see the original Gmini400.) For $370, or $250 for the noncamera version, the 20GB Gmini 402 still plays back video and MP3/WMA files; stores and displays photos; records voice and line-level audio sources; supports games running on the popular Mophun engine; and syncs regular or DRM-protected music and video from Windows Media Player. And while its integrated camcorder can't compete with a stand-alone model, the 402's recorded video quality works fine for casual use."
Used with permission from CNET Networks, Inc. Copyright 2006.

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