May 18, 2006

Wireless review: Helio Kickflip

As published on infoSync World:
"When virtual carrier Helio announced it was brining a pair of Korean-made 3G handsets to the U.S. market, wireless geeks across the country (including us) quivered with anticipation. After all, phones like the cutting-edge Kickflip spinner and Hero slider don't make it to our shores very often. But our initial excitement cooled once we put the Kickflip through its paces. While it's blessed with fantastic looks, a vivid display, streaming video playback, integration with MySpace and the ability to gift, beg or even rent games and videos, the Kickflip is saddled with subpar messaging and calling features, the lack of Bluetooth, limited multimedia content and weak battery life."
Used with permission from infoSync World. Copyright 2006.

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