May 24, 2006

Wireless review: Palm Treo 700p

As published on infoSync World:
"Back in January, Palm finally brought high-speed EV-DO support to the Treo with the 700w, which happened to be one of the first smartphones equipped with the relatively new Windows Mobile 5.0. While we were certainly impressed by the 700w's speed, it came saddled with a lower-resolution screen, as well as a somewhat bigger problem: Windows Mobile itself. While unquestionably powerful (the 700w packs in the Pocket PC version of WM 5.0, rather than the easier but more stripped-down smartphone edition), the new Windows Mobile OS makes for a confusing thicket of options compared to the more elegant Palm OS. Now comes the 700p, the first of the EV-DO Palm OS Treos, and we're happy to say the wait was worth it. Armed with a razor-sharp 320 x 320 display, a streaming video player, and wireless modem capabilities (supported by both Sprint and Verizon Wireless), the 700p packs an impressive punch, despite its unfortunate lack of Wi-Fi. "
Used with permission from infoSync World. Copyright 2006.

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