May 31, 2006

Wireless review: Samsung SGH-T609

As published on infoSync World:
"Essentially a clamshell version of the SGH-T509 – the wafer-thin handset for T-Mobile that we reviewed last month – the new T609 may not be quite as slender as its eye-catching sibling, but it manages to pack in a few extra features. Not only does this EDGE-enabled flip-phone come with Bluetooth, a suite of instant messaging clients and a bright display, it also squeezes in a microSD memory expansion slot, an integrated music player, and a quad-mode radio for roaming global GSM networks. A few pieces are missing from the puzzle – namely, a color (rather than monochrome) external display, an IrDA port, and maybe even an equalizer for the MP3 player – but overall, this trim looker of a phone makes the grade. "
Used with permission from infoSync World. Copyright 2006.

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