June 21, 2006

Mini review: LG LX550 (Fusic)

As published on infoSync World:
"The stylish, white-and-blue LG LX550 (now known as the "Fusic") is one of the friendliest music phones we've laid eyes on – think of it as the 3G handset next door. Complete with three removable faceplates (blue, pink and black), the LX550's brilliant 262,000-color internal display (the 65,000-color external LCD is workable) looked bright and vivid, and the flat, blue-backlit keypad is both easy to use and easy on the eyes. With its microSD memory expansion (up to 1GB), access to the Sprint Music Store and dedicated music controls on the external flip, the 4.2-ounce LX550 performs its music duties well, and it even adds an FM transmitter for broadcasting your tunes to the nearest radio (sound quality was surprisingly good). You can groove to the music (at ear-splittingly high volumes) over the included (and decent) earbuds or with a Bluetooth stereo headset, although sound quality takes a hit over the wireless connection. The hazy snapshots we took using the Fusic’s 1.3-megapixel camera were disappointing, however."
Used with permission from infoSync World. Copyright 2006.

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