October 27, 2008

Amazon WindowShop: When you're just looking

Spotted by TechCrunch: A beautiful new "window shopping" interface for Amazon. No search here; instead, you just wander the aisles, using either your arrow keys or by clicking and dragging. Big, bold panels for each book, DVD, game, etc., and expanding a panel launches audio and/or video previews. It reminds me a bit of the old Tower Records on Columbus in S.F., with its wall-sized posters for the latest albums. Will probably blog about this on Y! Tech tomorrow -- have to say, I like it a lot. Update: Apparently, WindowShop might be powered by a service called Cooliris, which I'd heard about before but never tried till today -- sleek, 3D "wall" interface that lets you browse news, videos, and online storefronts. There's also an iPhone version available.

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