October 23, 2008

iPhone e-mail fetch still busted

And it's getting pretty annoying, frankly. As has been widely reported, many iPhone users -- myself included -- have noticed that ever since firmware 2.1 came out, their handsets aren't fetching POP/IMAP messages automatically anymore (or at least, not unless their phones are docked). Now, whenever I wake my iPhone, I get a big batch of messages from the past few hours, even though I have my phone set to fetch messages every 15 minutes. There's a huge thread on the Apple support site about it, but for now ... not a peep from Cupertino. For tomorrow, I'm planning a post on a site called Please Fix the iPhone (which catalogs various complains, wish-list items, etc.), and trust me, this e-mail fetching bug is gonna come up. Update: Here's the post.

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