October 31, 2008

Too many phones!

Not the worst problem in the world, mind you. Today I got a grand total of three new phones in for testing: the BlackBerry Bold (beautiful display, if kinda heavy), the HTC Touch Pro (slide-out QWERTY keypad, also heavy, and thick), and the new Katana for Sprint. On top of that, I've got a couple of Samsung messaging phones, plus a new Moto camera phone (mum's the word, for now). When it rains, it pours ... anyway, time to prioritize, with the Bold and the Touch Pro probably jumping to the front of the line. And hey -- since the Touch Pro is a 3G Windows Mobile phone, I'm hoping to test the mobile SlingPlayer on it (finally). Anyway ... stay tuned for review on Yahoo! Tech next week. Update: The MOTOZINE ZN5 post is here, and the Bold review is here. Another update: And here's the HTC Touch Pro review.

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