November 11, 2008

Behold: The Samsung Behold

This just in: The $149 Samsung Behold for T-Mobile, which is (if I had to describe it in four words or less) the Instinct, but worse. Sure, it's got a gorgeous, slim shell, along with a relatively pretty touch interface -- but the Behold's UI pales in comparison to the Instinct's fluid, iPhone-like menu screens. Also: Web browsing is clunky, no Wi-Fi (to be fair, the Instinct lacks Wi-Fi as well), no streaming videos or music downloads. On the bright side, there's a light sensor that locks the display while the phone's pressed against your cheek (similar to the iPhone), the 5MP camera (with flash and auto focus) takes relatively sharp pictures, and slick music player is easy to use and plays tunes in the background.

That said ... not sure why you'd get the Behold when there's the impressive T-Mobile G1 for just $30 more, or the Instinct on Sprint for $20 less. Stay tuned for the full review on my Yahoo! Tech blog (which is on the fritz at the moment -- CSS, anyone?).

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