November 05, 2008

BlackBerry Bold: My first (and only) BlackBerry crush

As I wrote in my review of the Bold earlier this week, I've never been much of a BlackBerry fan -- I hate the dull, bare-bones interface, the HTML-free e-mail viewer, the lame attempts at multimedia, and the cheap feel of the hardware itself. But the Bold? Well ... color me impressed. Gorgeous new interface, e-mail that arrives with HTML formatting intact, stellar video and music playback, eye-popping display ... great stuff. And now, I have to admit -- I've been looking at my iPhone 3G with a little ... disdain lately, especially as the wait continues for a fix to its fetch e-mail problems. And yes, $299 with service is pricey, but something tells me AT&T might have a hit on its hands with the Bold. You heard it here first. (And get ready for the touchscreen Storm, due later this fall.)

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