November 17, 2008

Does the new Xbox 360 intro really need to be 45 seconds long?

The original, five-second start-up animation for the Xbox 360 is as it should be: short and sweet. But the revamped animation for the "New Xbox Experience," which is due in just two days, manages to sail completely over the top. Now more than 45 seconds long, the animation (which you can find here at GameStooge) starts with the familiar 360 logo, then morphs into garish, swirling cluster of liquid metal-looking globes and trailing, multicolored streamers (accompanied by the goofy strains of an electric guitar); we then zoom in on a pair of black race cars before soaring toward a towering, brown ... well, maybe it's a tree, maybe it's a big ol' turd, hard to say. More music (triumphant "Lord of the Rings"-type orchestrations now), lots of little digital patterns flying into and out of frame, before finally ... the Xbox 360 logo, and the end. Apparently, someone at Live had a little too much time on their hands. (GameStooge reports that the intro is skippable, thank God.)

Update: OK, so after successfully installing the NXE, I can report that the new intro -- while indeed lengthy -- only plays once, just before you launch the new dashboard for the first time. After that, it's back to the old, brief intro. Looks like someone (yes, me) overreacted a little bit.

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