November 13, 2008

Netflix pounds a final nail in the HD DVD coffin

Who knew there was another nail? Anyway, Netflix announced today that come Dec. 15, it'll stop renting out its last remaining HD DVDs. The news shouldn't come as a surprise -- I blogged about it months ago (and I even used the old "nail in the coffin" cliché back then, too) -- but that said, another sad day for old HD DVD fans. I still have a few HD DVDs in my collection -- "Blade Runner," "2001," "The Shining," and "Zodiac" among them (as well as a working HD DVD add-on for my Xbox 360) -- but I'll probably end up replacing them with Blu-rays at some point.

Still in the hunt for HD DVD bargains? Check out Amazon's ongoing fire sale -- some good bargains to be had (if you can call movies in an essentially obsolete format a bargain), with many discs going for south of $8.

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