November 20, 2008

Now playing at a club near you: "Lost" Season 4, via "recap-rock"

Who needs to watch "Lost" on TV -- or on the Web, for that matter -- when there's "Previously on Lost," a Brooklyn-based rock band that performs nothing but songs based on "Lost" episodes? I just spotted a flyer for their Season 4 "recap-rock" marathon (songs include "This Island Won't Let You Die," "Ballad of Sayid Jarrah," and the haunting "All My Friends Go Back") posted near my office in Noho, and apparently the group plays regularly in the tri-state area (next show: Saturday the 22nd at the Terrace Club in Princeton, according to the band's MySpace page).

Meandering Entertainer went to a show at the Knitting Factory back in June, and reports:

The show began with a cardboard plane being carried from the back of the room and crashing into the stage. The two singers of the band then came out and mercilessly pummeled aforementioned plane, and went right into the first song.


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