December 11, 2008

PlayStation Home open beta, Day One: Uh-oh...

Hmmmm...this isn't good. Reminiscent of the great Xbox Live meltdown of '07, no? Will keep an eye on this and see if Sony's servers buck up in the next few hours.

Update: It's nearly 12pm EST, and Home is still inaccessible; meanwhile, the PlayStation Store appears to be hosed, as well ("An error has occurred").

Another update: OK, so it appears that we're talking pre-launch maintenance, not a crush of new users (or at least, not yet). A post on the official Home forum notes that a "couple of technical problems" are holding things up. Stay tuned.

Yet another update [6:56pm EST]: The open beta is supposedly live, but my connection keeps timing out -- and judging from the comments on this post, it appears I'm not the only one.

And finally: Managed to get in shortly after 9pm Eastern ... but not for long. Booted about an hour later.


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