January 23, 2009

Obama takes the reins; DTV delay in the works?

Eight years of George W. Bush came to a merciful end Tuesday as Barack Obama took the oath of office -- and the avalanche of coverage on the Web, Twitter, and cable TV was almost bewildering. Of course, the hard reality of governing hit the next day, and one of the first items on Pres. Obama's agenda -- delaying next month's slated DTV transition -- ran into immediate opposition from House and Senate Republicans (and frankly, I'm not sure delaying the analog TV shutoff is such a good idea, either); a compromise is said to be in the works. Meanwhile, Obama's staffers got a rude shock when they got a load of the decrepit tech gear in the West Wing.

Also this week: More fallout from the Circuit City bankruptcy (long lines of bargain hunters, but few actual bargains), Apple fires a warning shot at Palm, and 25 years of the Mac.


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