January 16, 2009

Week in review: Jobs steps down, "Idol" SMS spam, Circuit City goes belly up

Talk about a week of sobering tech headlines. On Wednesday, Steve Jobs announced that he's taking five months of medical leave after learning his condition—whatever it is—is "more complex than I originally thought." The next day, US Airways flight 1549 went down in the Hudson River—and some of the first images of the rescue appeared on Twitter (this via VentureBeat). And today, we find out that Circuit City is giving up the ghost.

Meanwhile, AT&T thought it would be fun to spam its subscribers with an "American Idol" text ad, and Pioneer will finally halt production (sniff!) of LaserDisc players.

Finally: Having Palm Pre thoughts? I've answered 10 burning questions about the red-hot touchscreen phone—check 'em out right here.


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