February 20, 2009

Lost city of Atlantis found (sort of); Hackers target Halo 3 players

Big news Friday morning: Google Earth user discovers a strange, rectangular shape carved in the floor of the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. Researchers get excited -- it's one of the possible resting places of Atlantis! (Sounds like a line from an "Indiana Jones" movie, right?) But then, Google comes along and bursts our bubble: The oddly shaped box with the cross hatches doesn't exist; it's just a digital manifestation of the criss-cross patterns made by sonar-equipped boasts scanning the ocean floor. Bummer!

Also this week: Hackers target their Xbox Live rivals with "denial of service" attacks (and even offer their services -- for a price -- to like-minded sore losers), the latest and greatest cell phones take the spotlight in Barcelona, Verizon considers a bare-bones, $5/month landline plan, and Warner Brothers says it's prepping "Gone With the Wind," "The Wizard of Oz," and "North by Northwest" for Blu-ray in 2009 -- and no, they won't be using digital noise reduction to wipe out the film grain.


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