February 27, 2009

Quake Live hiccups; Virgin Megastores closing in SF, NYC

Still waiting to squeeze off a few bullets in Quake Live, the free first-person shooter (based on 1999's Quake III Arena) that's playable in a Web browser? Me too. Untold thousands of gamers have flooded id Software's servers since Quake Live's launch on Wednesday, leading to massive player queues and hours of waiting, while others (including me) are having trouble installing the mandatory browser plug-in. Yes, I know -- Quake Live is still in beta, and it is free, after all. Still, you didn't expect us trigger-happy Quake fanatics to be patient, did you?

Also this week: Virgin Megastores in San Francisco and New York's Union Square are set to close in April, leaving only three Virgin outlets standing (and probably not for long); the NYC locations are still profitable, but with music downloads taking over the market, there's no question that brick-and-mortars are (sadly) a dying breed.

Meanwhile: They're giving away iPhones ... in Japan; Nokia might start making laptops (personally, I'm looking forward to it); green tech invades Times Square; and Apple unleashes the Safari 4 beta, complete with a thumbnailed "Top Sites" interface, a Cover Flow version of your browsing history, and a new home for the browser tabs (above the address field, strangely enough).


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