February 06, 2009

Readers ask, "What the hell is Twitter?"; DTV gets delayed after all

Earlier this week, I posted what I thought would be an amusing little story about Tweet Congress, a Web site (which I found via the L.A. Times tech blog) that tracks the Twitter feeds (or lack thereof) of the nation's various House and Senate members. Interesting, but no big deal, right?

Well, little did I know that I'd get bombarded with angry comments -- some with the usual "red vs. blue" rants (predictable, especially after the "Republicans outnumber Democrats two to one on Twitter!" headline on the Yahoo! front page), but mostly complaints from irate readers who raked me over the coals for ... that's right, failing to explain what this "Twitter" thing was ("what is tweeting??? Horrible piece of journalism not explaining what they are referring to"). Note to self: Immediately write a "Beginner's Guide to Twitter" post, then link said post in every Twitter story from here on out.

Meanwhile, barring a sudden about-face by President Obama, the DTV transition date will indeed be delayed until June 12, four months after the initial Feb. 17 deadline. That said, about a fifth of all U.S. TV stations might switch off their analog TV broadcasts early, pending FCC approval.

Also of note this week: Hands-on impressions of the "Halo Wars" demo (loved it), a brief review of Motorola's green "Renew" phone, bargain no-name Blu-ray players might be on the way this year, and desk phones might be an endangered species by 2011.


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