February 13, 2009

Tough times for Sirius XM, Muzak, and Pioneer

Some stark reminders this week of how desperate our economic straits have become. Sirius XM is reportedly flirting with bankruptcy, Muzak (yep, the elevator music titan) bit the bullet and filed for bankruptcy, while Pioneer—maker of some of the finest HDTVs on the market, including the eye-popping Kuro line—announced that it's quitting the TV business for good.

Meanwhile, the DTV delay story goes on (and on), with the FCC blocking some 123 TV stations from turning off their analog signals next week. That said, some 360-odd stations will indeed pull the switch on or before Feb. 17, the original DTV transition date.

Also of note: Samsung unveils the solar-powered Blue Earth touchscreen phone, more details about the upcoming Palm Pre emerge, and Apple might—just might—let iTunes users stream their purchased movies and TV shows over the Web (well, if the rumors are true).


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