March 13, 2009

Apple grabs headlines with new Shuffle, netbook rumors

It was all Apple, all the time this week, with three big stories coming out of Cupertino in just a few days (well, besides Woz looking like "a teletubby gone mad" on "Dancing with the Stars").

First: Rumors fly that Apple is prepping a netbook -- or something -- for the second half of the year, with both the Dow Jones Newswire and Reuters piling on to the story. Next came the new, even tinier iPod Shuffle -- so tiny, in fact, that its playback controls now sit on the proprietary earbud cord, sparking yet another Apple headset controversy (remember the original iPhone?). Finally, Apple announces that it will offer a sneak peek at iPhone software 3.0 next Tuesday, setting off a round of speculation about which new features (MMS? Video capture? Laptop tethering?) might be included.

Also this week: Hulu marks its first anniversary (yes, I was skeptical at first, but the numbers don't lie), a new service offers to keep all your online logins and passwords safe until you die, and it turns out that TV viewers actually prefer their shows with the ads (go figure).


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