March 20, 2009

Cut & paste, MMS finally coming to iPhone; Beatles kid wants more $$$

Another big week for Apple, which scored Tuesday by announcing that cut & paste and multimedia messaging -- two of the biggest missing features on the iPhone -- will finally arrive this summer in software update 3.0. No background apps, unfortunately, but push notification (which Steve Jobs promised almost a year ago) is on tap at last, along with Spotlight for iPhone, "peer-to-peer" connectivity for games and other apps, and "in app" purchases -- perfect for buying new levels in a game, or even newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Also this week: March Madness tips off online and on the iPhone, Obama's nominee for the Department of Commerce pledges that there won't be any more DTV delays, rumors fly that the PlayStation 3 might get a long-overdue price cut, and George Harrison's son floats the idea of a Beatles-only digital music store, adding that "we don't agree" 99 cents a song is a fair price for the Fab Four's music.


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