March 06, 2009

Grim news from Circuit City, Blockbuster, Virgin; Bill Gates's "no iPhone" policy

Talk about a depressing week. Circuit City -- or its liquidators, anyway -- announced that its 500-odd remaining stores will close forever on March 8, while the last U.S. Virgin America stores will sell their final CDs this summer. Blockbuster is fighting off bankruptcy, and Palm's balance sheet is still soaked with red ink (let's hope the Pre gets a release date soon).

Oh boy ... but hey, at least there were a few fun items to report in the past week. Quake Live is a blast, and Killzone 2, while not quite the ground-breaker many had hoped for, is the best-looking PlayStation 3 title yet. Bill Gates doesn't allow iPhones or iPods under his roof (a post that generated a staggering two thousand-plus comments), and a start-up called ZillionTV has a new set-top box that'll deliver free TV shows and movies to your living room, although you'll only be able to get the box through your ISP. Last, but not least: Fox looks to boost sagging DVD sales by chopping the (often inane) special features from its rental DVDs. Good luck with that, Fox.


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