March 27, 2009

Heading back to Vegas for CTIA; OnLive promises on-demand 3D gaming

Wait a minute, didn't I just come back from Las Vegas? Indeed, CES was just a couple of months ago, but now we've got CTIA Wireless on tap -- the biggest wireless show in the U.S. -- and of course, it's in Vegas. But hey ... all moaning aside, I'm actually looking forward to checking out the latest and greatest cell phones. Even better, I'm staying at one of the swankiest hotels in Vegas -- the Encore -- for barely $100 a night. I'll take it.

So that's next week, but what happened this week? For me, one of the biggest stories was OnLive, the new, on-demand 3D gaming service that promises to deliver cutting-edge games to entry-level PCs and Macs, as well as to a compact, paperback book-sized "micro-console." Pretty cool concept, if you ask me, although early impressions have been somewhat mixed, with bloggers complaining about blocky compression artifacts and lagginess. Still, looking forward to trying out OnLive (which is slated to launch before the end of the year) for myself.

Also: Apple announced June dates for its Worldwide Developers Conference, widely seen as the launchpad for the next iPhone; I reviewed Verizon Wireless' new femtocell, dubbed the Network Extender; and the tabloids breathlessly reported that Jennifer Aniston finally had it with John Mayer's Twitter obsession and dumped him. No official word on whether that last one's actually true, but whatever happened, Mayer is still tweeting away.


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