March 07, 2009

"Snide" remark outrages "Marley & Me" fan

Well, now I've done it. My offhand comment about the Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston shaggy-dog flick "Marley & Me" in a recent post has rubbed at least one passionate fan the wrong way.

The offending comment:
Besides "Slumdog," which goes on sale March 31, other Fox rental DVDs to get the "no features" treatment include "Day the Earth Stood Still," "The Wrestler," and "Notorious," according to Variety. Don't worry, "Marley and Me" fans (all five of you)—apparently, you'll still get bonus features on the rental disc.
...and the barbed response, from "Ron":
Do you live under a rock or do you write snide comments just to be clever? In your article on FOX stripping extras from rental DVDs, you felt the need to add "all 5 of them" when talking about fans of the box office hit MARLEY & ME. You do realize that the movie made more than $150 million at the domestic box office and was also well reviewed by critics, right? So what's with your silly comment? If it was a joke, it's lame. If it was an attempt to marginalize the movie, you are way off base. MARLEY & ME will be a hit on both the rental and sell through charts. I've read your stuff before and it doesn't surprise me you'd make an inaccurate remark like this. Let's just say accuracy is not your strong suit. A real gadget guy would certainly know better.
Well, who knew -- one of the five fans of "Marley & Me" reads my blog! (Well, he used to.)


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  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    oh please this guy needs a life. its a stupid dog movie and apparently spending $10 on watching this is something to be proud of. you probably "offended" some pro-family guy who had to sit through this cause his banjo playing kids wanted to see it. you keep on posting ben!