April 04, 2009

CTIA 2009 most notable for the no-shows

No new Android phones, still no Palm Pre release date, and no truly innovative new handsets: that was pretty much the story at this year's CTIA in Vegas, which saw little else of interest besides the launch of the new BlackBerry app store and a Skype app for iPhone.

Several new handsets debuted, of course, although many of them -- such as Motorola's eye-catching Evoke (pictuered here), the LG Xenon, and the Samsung Impression -- were basically just iPhone knock-offs with slide-out QWERTY keypads. And while I was holding out hope that HTC would surprise us and unveil the Android-powered Magic for the U.S., instead we had to settle for the Snap, a Windows Mobile QWERTY phone that'll likely replace the Dash on T-Mobile.

Also: The Palm Pre gets a legacy Palm OS emulator but still no release date or pricing, RIM follows in Apple's footsteps with BlackBerry App World (sorry, Handango), and a few cool accessories made some waves, including this around-the-neck headset that projects a "dome" of music around your head.


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