April 24, 2009

The "Mac vs. PC" ad that broke the camel's back (for me, anyway)

I've silently endured Apple's parade of smug, arrogant "I'm a Mac! I'm a PC!" ads for years (they first started back in 2006, believe it or not), but I finally hit the roof this week after watching Justin Long's "Mac" taunt John Hodgeman's "PC" with iPhoto's new "Faces" feature, which lets you "tag a face once, and iPhoto automatically find other pictures of that person for you!"

Au contraire
, Justin; after many hours painstakingly tagging hundreds of snapshots in iPhoto, only to watch Faces come up empty whenever my wife, I, or another oft-tagged loved one pops up in a picture, I can tell you that no, Faces does not tag all your people automatically after just one tag. And besides ... after three years of cringe-worthy "I'm a Mac! I'm a PC" ads, haven't we -- the viewing public -- been punished enough? (And yes, in case you're wondering, I'm the proud owner of two Mac laptops, an Apple TV, and an iPhone.)

Also this week: The Madden curse claims two more potential victims, Netflix faces competition from an army of buck-a-day DVD kiosks, Apple gets a black eye from the "Baby Shaker" app, and our cable bills keep going up, and up, and up ...


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  1. Those ads have been going WAY too long. I remember mocking them during college in 2003.