April 17, 2009

TWC plays with bandwidth caps, gets burned

It's been almost a year since Time Warner Cable began its first experiment with bandwidth metering in Beaumont, Texas (which charges subscribers anywhere between $15 for 1GB of data a month to $75 for 100GB, plus overage charges for exceeding the cap), but the carrier didn't really stir up the hornets' nest until last week, when it announced that it would expand its usage-metered tests to four new markets (Rochester, NY, Greensboro, NC, and Austin and San Antonio, TX). Surprised by the public outcry (uh ... what did they think was going to happen?), TWC officials wisely scrapped the new tests on Thursday, although they left the door open for future bandwidth-capping plans. In any case, I've decided to shelve my own plans to ditch Time Warner Cable for Verizon DSL ... well, for now, anyway.

Also this week: The T-Mobile Sidekick finally gets 3G and GPS, along with what promises to be a gorgeous new display; Microsoft decides to expand its three-year Xbox 360 warranty to include the increasingly troublesome "E74" error; and AT&T looks to extend its iPhone exclusive with Apple for one more year, to 2011.


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