May 01, 2009

Psst! It's all about rumors this week

Facts, schmacts. Instead, rumors ruled the week, starting with the buzz Monday that Verizon might get its very own iPhone and ending with Friday's chatter about a motion controller for the PlayStation 3. In between, we learned that Verizon might actually get two new "iPhone-like" devices (a smaller, thinner version of the iPhone, plus a droll-worthy "media hub"), while Verizon may or may not be talking to Microsoft about the long-rumored "Pink" phone, as well. (Or is Verizon just playing Microsoft off of Apple? Or is Apple simply putting pressure on AT&T? Questions, questions.)

Then there's the talk about a new "mini-Pre" from Palm, which may (or may not) be called the "Eos" and arrive on AT&T and/or Sprint later this year, or ... not. And don't forget whispers about a new PSP, dubbed (maybe?) the "PSP Go!," that could/maybe/possibly be unveiled next month at E3.

At least we got a few facts this week, including Cablevision's (official) plans to roll out 101Mbps broadband service for $99 a month starting this month (Verizon execs are calling it a "parlor trick," though), as well as a real-live, 3G-enabled Sidekick, which I got to test on Friday. Also: Readers go nuts for Redbox, the $1-a-night DVD kiosks.


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