May 22, 2009

Sprint finally tees up the Palm Pre, but supply could be scarce

Feels like we've been waiting months for the Palm Pre to finally get a release date -- and, in fact, we have been waiting for months (since early January, to be exact). But on Tuesday, the word finally came from Sprint: June 6 will be the magic day, and as for the price tag? $199, with a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate. Analysts (and even Sprint CEO Dan Hesse himself) have already predicted a shortage of handsets, which means we could be looking at an instant sellout. That would be great publicity for Sprint and Palm, of course, both of which are in dire need of a hit. Release strategy aside, I'm looking forward to the Pre more than I have any smartphone since ... well, the first iPhone, to be perfectly honest. With any luck, I'll be getting a review unit soon.

Also this week: More leaks about the rumored new iPhone (remember the iPhone?) and the BlackBerry Storm 2; I checked out the Novatel MiFi for Verizon and loved it; Sony reportedly mulls a music store and downloadable game rentals for the PSP; and the Air Force promises that it's got the increasingly shaky situation with our aging fleet of GPS satellites well in hand, really.


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