June 19, 2009

The new iPhone's here! The new iPhone's here!

Well, it's not in my hot little hands, unfortunately (I'm still waiting for the FedEx truck to arrive), but the iPhone 3G S -- now with an auto-focus, 3-megapixel camera, digital compass, voice commands, and up to 32GB of storage -- went on sale around the world this morning. According to the latest reports, the lines weren't nearly as long (or chaotic) as last time, and the activation process seems to be going smoothly. Despite the modest crowds, some are saying that the iPhone 3G S launch might actually be bigger than the 3G's last year. Why? Many, many pre-orders, apparently. Update: Finally got my iPhone 3G S from FedEx; check out my hands-on impressions.

Also this week: Attorneys for AT&T and Verizon Wireless went to Capitol Hill to defend their clients against charges of SMS price fixing; the IRS did an about-face, admitting that a 1989 law calling for taxes on the personal use of company cell phones is seriously out of date; the last two Virgin Megastores, already picked clean by bargain hunters, closed their doors; and last week's DTV transition appears to have gone about as smoothly as can be expected.


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