August 21, 2009

Sony unwraps slimmer, cheaper, uglier PlayStation 3

The long-rumored PS3 "Slim" finally made its debut earlier this week, and it turns out that the leaked spy shots from back in May were authentic, right down to the new, trim profile, the matted case, and the revamped "PS3" logo on the side. Nice, I guess, but ... kinda ugly, right? In fact, the reason I initially doubted the original "slim" spy shots was that the console in the pictures looked like a $99 knock-off you'd find in a fly-by-night electronics store on Seventh Avenue.
In any case, the new PS3 is a lot cheaper than before—$100 cheaper, to be exact, with the 120GB console set to go on sale Sept. 1 for $299. Maybe that'll help kick-start sluggish PS3 sales.
Also this week on Yahoo! Tech: Waiting for the Xbox 360 "Quiet"; a portable photo printer that prints and talks; Hollywood execs blame Twitter for summer box-office duds; and rumors fly that the Beatles will mark 9/9/09 by (finally) putting their classic catalog on iTunes.

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