February 27, 2010

Apple: OK, fine, we fixed those glitchy 27-inch iMac displays. Happy now?

Well, it only took four months—yep, months—for Apple to admit something was wrong with its flagship 27-inch iMac displays: namely, that the screens were flickering and had a distinct yellow tint (or "jaundiced," as Gizmodo cleverly put it). Given that Apple typically comes out with a new line of iMacs (either a spec bump or a full-on revamp) every year or so, four months is basically an entire third of a production cycle. Then again, even more of an eyebrow-raiser is the fact that Apple—which has a tendency to dismiss defects altogether—copped to the problem at all.

In any case, Apple says that any 27-inch iMac owners who are still having trouble with their displays can contact AppleCare for help (and as Gizmodo notes, there are indeed still plenty of iMac users saddled with glitchy displays); in the meantime, those of us who were considering buying one of the new jumbo-sized iMacs—myself included—are left to wonder whether we should risk it or wait and see if the kinks have truly been ironed out. My advice: wait a few more weeks, just to be sure.

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