February 20, 2010

Can OnLive deliver on its promise of "in the cloud" gaming?

The idea behind OnLive is a good one: A hosted, "in the cloud" gaming service (currently in closed beta) that streams high-end, console-quality games (like "Crysis," "Mirror's Edge," and "Burnout Paradise") to cheap, paperback book-sized "micro-consoles" and/or a garden-variety laptops; yes, you'd have to pay a monthly fee, but you wouldn't need any pricey gaming hardware, either. Sounds good, but can the folks behind OnLive (which was first announced almost a year ago) actually pull it off? Which titles will be available at launch? How will the graphics look? What about latency ... any just how much would a subscription cost, anyway? Hopefully, we'll get some answersand perhaps even a firm launch datecome March 10, when OnLive founder Steve Perlman is slated to deliver a keynote at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Stay tuned.

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