February 07, 2010

A few changes, under the hood

Yes indeed, It may not look like it, but this blog has undergone some fairly radical changes over the past couple of days, especially in the wake of Google's announcement that Blogger will no longer support FTP come March.

Yahoo! Small Business used to be the Web host around here, but that's all over now; BlogSpot has taken over, although Yahoo! is still hosting my domain (with a little help from Melbourne IT). It was a move of necessity given that Blogger is cutting off FTP support (too much effort for too few users, apparently), but now that the work's all done, I'm pretty happy with the result. The site publishes posts and edits much more quickly, and the new Blogger page-layout tool (well, new to me, anyway) means I can tinker with widgets, columns, colors, and fonts without having to dig into the nitty-gritty of code. I wish Blogger had a few more blog templates to choose from, but hey ... I'll live.

Anyway, that's the scoop on the "new" site, although I have to admit: annoying though it was sometimes, I'll miss the old-school ways of FTP. Ah, the good ol' days ...

Update: Well, I couldn't help it; after more Google searches than I care to remember, I've settled on a new template. Now all we need are some new blog posts to go with the revamped layout.

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