February 11, 2010

Good news: Original Xbox DLC is back online, will be there 'till the bitter end

So tweets Xbox Live's Major Nelson, and that's great news for those of us who'd wanted one last chance to play Halo 2 and other original Xbox games online but couldn't because we were missing one or more chunks of mandatory DLC.

As you may recall, Microsoft recently announced that it will pull the plug on Xbox Live support for the original Xbox on April 15;  however, many gamers (myself included) were surprised to discover that the DLC for old games like Halo 2 had been pulled early -- and without the right DLC, some titles (like, you known Halo 2) won't let you engage in any online multiplayer mayhem. But now that original Xbox DLC is back on Live, there's still a chance for those of us who zapped our old Xbox DLC to relive the old days before ... The End.

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