February 08, 2010

Planet mining in "Mass Effect 2" is a crashing bore

We're just a little more than a month into 2010, yet we already have one of the best games of the year in "Mass Effect 2," the sequel to 2007's RPG smash that managed to improve on the original in practically every way ... save the part where you have to mine planets for resources that let you upgrade your weapons, armor, and other technology aboard the Normandy.

Mining a planet involves little more than guiding a smallish, circular reticule over the planet surface and pulling the right trigger whenever your sensors start to twitch ... a tedious, mind-numbing chore, especially when you consider that it can take up to 20 "probes" to strip-mine a planet completely. Fun it ain't.

Luckily, I found a few short cuts. The Mass Effect 2 wiki has a convenient guide to all the planets in the game, listing which resources are found where; even better, here's a list of the five top planets to mine. Last but not least, check out these four essential tips for making planet mining a bit easier (tip no. 4: bribe neighborhood kids to mine planets for you).

Meanwhile, well...you'll have to excuse me; I've got a suicide mission to finish.

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