March 19, 2010

Our new Yahoo! News tech blog is live, posting begins (hopefully) next week

Hello all. Just got the word that Chris and I will begin posting again starting next week. You'll find our posts on the brand-new blog at Yahoo! News Technology, right here. For now, there are only a couple of old posts listed, neither of which were written by us; consider them placeholders until Chris and I get up to speed, hopefully starting Monday.

So, what about an RSS feed? Unfortunately. I don't have an answer on that yet; the existing Yahoo! News Technology feed seems to list every single tech story on Yahoo! News, rather than just the posts on the tech blog. With any luck, we'll have the RSS situation figured out soon; in the meantime, however, I'll post links to my latest posts here on my personal blog, so make sure to check back for updates.

In any case, get ready for our triumphant return next week, starting with my hands-on with Sony's new PlayStation Move motion controller (which I'm slated to try Monday morning, bright and early). See you then.

The URL again:

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  1. Thank goodness you'll be back soon. I was looking for you guys yesterday (3/18/2010) and (obviously) couldn't find you. I've really missed your posts.