March 12, 2010

Palm fire sale: Resellers offer Pre Plus for just $29, and they're giving away the Pixi Plus

Barely seven weeks ago, Verizon Wireless debuted the revamped Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for $149 and $99 each (with two-year service contracts). Today, you can snap up the Pre Plus with contract for a song—a mere $29—or the Pixi for the low price of nothin', if you know where to look.

Note: The following prices were accurate as of Friday morning, March 12 and are subject to change, practically on a minute-to-minute basis. found the Palm Pre Plus for Verizon at online wireless reseller for just $39 after an instant rebate and with a two-year contract, a full $100 off the original $149 asking price, while the Pixi Plus, which once sold for $99 with service, is selling for free.

I went ahead and checked out another wireless reseller,, and found the Pre Plus selling for an even steeper discount: just $29 free with a two-year Verizon contract, or a whopping $120 off the original price. And as with Wirefly, LetsTalk is giving the Pixi Plus away, so long as you sign a two-year Verizon contract. (Full disclosure: I have a close friend who works at LetsTalk, though no one at the company pitched this story to me.)

The Palm fire sale is also on at Amazon, which like Wirefly is selling the Pre Plus on Verizon for $39 with two years of service (I should just go ahead and say that all the prices mentioned here involve a two-year wireless contract), while the Pixi Plus is going for a penny.

Even the official Verizon Wireless site is advertising discounts for the Pre Plus, which it's selling for $79 with service (and no more need to mail in for a rebate, either), while it's offering the Pixi Plus for $29. Just a day or so after I did my initial research, Verizon jacked up the prices again; the Pre Plus is now $149, as before, while the Pixi Plus is $79.

Want the Pre or the Pixi for Sprint? Well, you'll have to pay a little more, despite the fact that Sprint's Pre has less storage than the Pre Plus on Verizon (just 8GB versus 16GB) while the Sprint Pixi lacks the Pixi Plus's Wi-Fi abilities.

The cheapest price I could find for the Sprint Pre was $79 with two-years of service on LetsTalk and Amazon, with Wirefly selling the original Sprint Pre for $99. Sprint itself is still charging $149 for the Pre, and that's only after a $100 mail-in rebate. Meanwhile, the Sprint Pixi is $19 free on LetsTalk, and $24 on Wirefly and Amazon.

The price slashing comes a couple of weeks after Palm revealed that sales for the Pre and the Pixi were disappointingly sluggish, and that the legendary smartphone maker will miss revenue targets by a sizable margin this quarter. Indeed, at least one analyst thinks Palm has just a little over a year's worth of cash left in its war chest.

3rd party sites drop Verizon Palm Pre Plus to $39.99 []

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