March 16, 2010

Report: No 3D Blu-ray of "Avatar" in 2010

So, 2010 might be the year of 3D TV, but it's starting to sound like the one movie everyone wants to see in 3D won't arrive in stores until next year, at the earliest. The L.A. Times "Hero Complex" blog is reporting that Fox will, indeed, release "Avatar" on Blu-ray this spring—on Earth Day, April 22, to be exact.

But don't expect a disc loaded with extras; indeed, this will be a bare-bones release, the Times says, with little more than the movie itself and a "relatively simple menu function," while a beefier multi-disc BD release will hit in the fall. That sounds an awful lot like another case of double-dipping to me (that is, luring die-hard movie fans to buy a disc twice by releasing a bare-bones version months before the full "special edition"), but "Avatar" producer Jon Landau assures the Times that no, the moviemakers merely wanted to "exploit every bit of disc space for the top-of-the-line audio and video presentation of the film." Riiiight.

Anyway, here's the bigger question: Will the Blu-ray of "Avatar" be in 3D? Nope, according to the Times article, and in fact, "reports that the 3-D version will be released later this year are wrong." Uh...say what? Isn't "Avatar" the movie that got everyone into 3D (well, the latest wave of 3D, anyway) in the first place? Well, yeah; apparently, however, James Cameron wants to wait until the "nascent [3D TV] marketplace catches up."

That news will come as a major disappointment to anyone who rushed out to get a brand-new 3D TV in the hopes of reliving the full Pandora experience in their living rooms...and indeed, I bet the big 3D TV manufacturers (who had surely been planning to use the 3D BD of "Avatar" as a sales peg) are pretty crushed, too. Somehow, getting a new 3D TV to watch the full glory of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" isn't quite as enticing as the prospect of seeing all those blue people in 3D again.

So, question for you: Bummed that we won't get a 3D Blu-ray of "Avatar" this year, or were you planning on waiting to get a new 3D TV anyway?

'Avatar' will hit Blu-ray and DVD on Earth Day, April 22 [L.A. Times]

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