March 12, 2010

Yahoo! Tech goes dark, but Gadget Hound, Business Guy live on

Yep, it finally happened; sometime early this morning, Yahoo! Tech went dark, along with thousands of our posts and god knows how many comments. We knew it was coming, but's a bit of a shock to see the site you've been working on for more than three years up and vanish.

But yes, Chris and I will be soon be back, still blogging about tech for Y!; I'm re-posting my (now disappeared) farewell post here, including details on what happens next.

Well, this is it—my last post here on Yahoo! Tech. But don't worry: As we told you before, our site may be going away, but Chris and I aren't going anywhere.
Today, March 11, is the day that our old Yahoo! Tech website is slated to close down. Within a few days or so, we'll be back to blogging about tech, this time on Yahoo! News. Initially, our posts will be going up one at a time, but Chris and I will eventually have a dedicated Tech blog on the News site, just like before.
And in fact, Tech on Yahoo! News will be better than ever. For instance: not only will we still have comments on the new site, they'll actually work ... on a consistent basis, even. No more "Sorry! Your post failed" errors. I swear.
We'll also get the ability to post video and polls, something that just about anyone with a WordPress blog has been able to do since, oh, 2003 or so. Hey—we may be slow, but we get there.
So personally, I'm excited about the move, but there is a little packing that needs to be done.
There are a few technical details that need to be sorted out before our firsts posts on News go up. And while we'll eventually be getting our own (new) RSS feeds and Yahoo! e-mail alert signups, that's probably not going to happen right away.
For now, the best way to follow the Gadget Hound will be via my Twitter feed, or you can check for updates on my personal blog. Or, you can always e-mail me at
In the meantime, I'm sad to say that when the old Yahoo! Tech goes offline today, all of our 4,500-plus old posts will vanish, as well. (They still exist in a database on a Yahoo! server somewhere, and may be republished on News at some point.)
So yeah ... it's a strange day. It's never fun to see a site you worked on go dark.
Thanks again to Chris and the whole Yahoo! Tech team ... and most importantly, to you, the readers (and tireless commenters). You're the ones who give (gave!) this site life, and I hope to see all of you at our new home.
Image credit: Flickr, Kyle Slattery  (great photo, by the way)

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  1. I have read yours and Mr. Null's blogs for years on Yahoo Tech. As an IT Manager, I found both blogs informative and helpful. I'm glad even though they shut down Yahoo Tech, that they will have a section for both of you. Good luck and I look forward to reading your posts once you debut on Yahoo Tech News.