June 04, 2010

HD DVD lives! (Well, sorta.)

Yep, it's a dead format, all right, but HD DVD lives on ... in my living room, at least. I've still got a functioning HD DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360 hooked up to my console, along with a handful of (pretty good) movies: "Blade Runner," "2001," "The Shining," "Zodiac," "The Thing," "King Kong" (it came with the drive), and all three "Matrix" films.

Sure, I could re-buy the movies on Blu-ray and be done with it, but I have to say ... these old HD DVD discs still look pretty sharp, even if I can only watch them at 720p over the component video outputs on my early 360 console. And truth be told, there's something kinda cool about occasionally dusting off a dead home video format and giving it a little life, if only for an hour or two. Anyway, behold my little HD DVD collection; long may it play.